In connection with quotations and ordering of work, the following conditions are accepted.


  • Service car: 1 charge per car and 24 hours 500kr (625kr Incl. VAT)
  • Time charging: 600kr (750kr Incl. VAT) if the work is ongoing. Quoted hours are billed as the quotations. If work including travel exceeds 2 hours, minutes will be charged in travel time. Other agreements by contract. CAD-work are billed with 900kr/h (1125kr incl. VAT).
  • If you have requested on-call work, it will be charged as below if the work takes place on the same day.
    On-call work during regular working hours are charged extra with a fixed fee of SEK 2000 (SEK 2500 including VAT). On-call work outside regular working hours are charged extra with a fixed fee of SEK 3200 (SEK 4000 including VAT).
  • Mini charging  2875kr (2200kr Incl. VAT).
  • Any parking fees are invoiced net.

Booked Jobs and quotes:

  • You can cancel or rebook planned work up to a full working day (24 hours) before our visit. This means, for example, that you who have booked us early Monday morning you must cancel or rebook your visit no later than Thursday afternoon the week before. Incurred costs will be charged for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the work is booked.
  • At No-show, when we have not been able to do our work or a quote at the agreed time because the client lacks the promised material, can not let us in, does not show up or has forgotten to pick away so we arrive charges incurred. In case of a quote visit, which otherwise does not cost anything, the mini charging is valid for No-show.

Changes add-on outbound to quote (ÄTA)

  • When ÄTA (changes, additions, outgoing) against the quote, the administrative time for changing the quote/invoice basis is invoiced. The customer must verify changes before continuing work is done. We therefore advise the customer to regularly check their e-mail during the ongoing contract. If the customer’s ÄTA means new purchases, they will be charged time for travel and purchase. If changes are made to a quote without this being reported to the project manager and work has been done on the change, this is billed continuously after the electrician’s accounting.

Working hours

  • Our working hours on ordinary weekdays is between at 7:00 – 16:00 Monday to Thursday and 7:00 – 15:00 on Fridays.
  • If the customer is agreed with an electrician that work should be done outside regular working hours, overtime will be charged net.


  • Works lasting longer than one week may be partially invoiced after performance.
  • Payment terms are 10 days net unless otherwise mentioned in the quote.
  • If the customer wants a ROT deduction, the customer must inform us of this already during the order and provide accurate information. The information we need is: Social security number, apartment number/BRF-association registration number or real estate code. The ROT deduction is 30% of the labor cost and is deducted directly from the invoice.
    Note! In case of amendment of already printed invoice and rejection due to erroneous information or refusal from the Skatteverket, a fee of 500kr including VAT will be charged due to elevated administrative costs.  Read more about root deduction here.
  • Invoiced non-assembled material is our property until full payment is made.
  • Any comments on the invoice shall be submitted no later than 8 days after the date of invoice to be valid.
  • The reminder fee is 60kr per reminder for late payment.
  • When payment is done after the due date, the costumer will be charged interest at reference rate + 18%.


  • When you offer a cable threading in existing tubes it is assumed that the pipes are whole and that no cans are hidden. In the case of detective work and alternative wiring, ÄTA.
  • In case of an RCD installation, there is a time for troubleshooting and action if the plant is shown to have faults that causes the RCD to dissolve or else incorrect groups are disconnected.
  • The quotation is valid for 30 days if nothing else is mentioned in the quotation.
  • In connection with the quotation, customary credit testing may take place. A credit check does not affect future credit opportunities.


  • On the risk of drilling water and sewage pipes are available at work, this must be informed by the client before starting work. Tenants are expected to find out the information of the landlord.
  • The client moves away furniture and delicate things before work, so that we can work in normal posture and avoid the risk of having to break something.
  • Items must be removed around the power station and places where we need access and no sanitary nuisance.

Own materials

  • Quotation with a fixed price for mounting the customer’s own purchased material requires that the material is of Swedish building standard, is -marked and is equipped with a quick connection. For outlets and switches that only have screw connection, there is an additional time charge at fixed price with 10 minutes / appliance.


  • The warranty period for electrical materials and fixtures is one year unless otherwise stated.
    Elingruppen Syd AB takes no responsibility for indirect damages that may arise due to the product. We accept no responsibility for delays/errors as a result of circumstances beyond the company’s control (Force Majeure). These circumstances can be, for example, delays with the shipping companies, labor conflict, fire, war, authority decision, reduced or non-existent delivery from the supplier. Furthermore, no responsibility is taken for any changes to products/product characteristics that have been changed by the respective supplier and other factors beyond our control.